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We have a winter team (Winter Cup) and a spring team (WSCGA). We are always looking for team players.


​Many players have conflicts and cannot play every match. No one is expected to be able to play all matches. We will also be playing alternates. Being an alternate gives you a chance to see what playing team is all about without the pressure.


Please consider playing on one of the SDCC womens teams. When the season nears, the sign-up will be on the team board in the ladies locker room. You can order your team shirts in the pro shop (ask for Liz). We need YOU!​


Winter Cup

Winter C​up consists of 4 two-person teams, better ball of partners and the teams are being paired according to handicap..

Each player must play to an established index of 25.0 or lower.  The scoring is combined gross and net hole points.

We usually field the 4 two-person teams from available players in order by handicaps starting with the lowest.

Please conact Debbie Clauson 619-318-9528



Debbie Clauson

WSCGA Team Play

​During April thhrough June,, our team competes with other clubs in WSCGA Team Play.  Fourteen ladies compete in each home and away match with other clubs in our area.  Handicap index must be under 29.4.  Sign-ups are held during January and February.  Players must be listed on the GHIN May handicap sheet to be eligible to compete.  We are proud to have won this competition many times.






Carolyn Davee and

Mary Davis


  Schedule 2014 - 2015  




Morgan Run at SDCC            9am        Thursday, September 25

Bear Creek at SDCC               9am        Thursday, October 9

SDCC at Bear Creek               830am    Thursday, October 23

Vista Valley at SDCC             9am        Thursday, October 30

SDCC at Vista Valley             9am        Thursday, November 6

SDCC at CCRB                        830am    Thursday, November 13

SDCC at Pauma Valley          9am        Wednesday, November 19

CCRB at SDCC                        9am        Thursday, December 16

SDCC at Morgan Run            9am         Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pauma Valley at SDCC          9am         Thursday, February 5, 2015


Rain Days (we hear El Nino is coming) Februay 16-27

Playoff Dates to be determined.

Cost this year is $45 per match - home and away.

Team uniform will be black bottoms and white tops.






Participating teams must always play four lowest available players. 

Each match requires eight players from each team.
Maximum index permitted is 25.0.  Players fielded with higher index must play to a maximum 22.0 index.  

All players will play to the 1st of the month’s index. 

All team members are required to play one home match.


Schedule 2015



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